Diving Rebels Scuba Club

Monthly Meeting– December 7, 2011


A.  Welcome –Danny Bouska opened the meeting at 7:22 PM.  Danny welcomed and thanked everyone for coming, and asked the membership to observe a moment of silence in remembrance of Pearl Harbor. 


B.  Recognition of Guests – Mark Estill recognized eight guests in attendance.


C.  Speaker:  Philippe Douet – “Diving in France”

Philippe gave an interesting presentation on diving in France, talking about European diving practices and culture, C-Card reciprocity between countries, and other differences between the U.S. and Europe in regards to diving.


D.  Board Member Reports


1.      Rita Simpson, Secretary:  Reading of the Minutes

a.       Motion to accept was made by Kelly Barentine to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Connie Mitchell. Motion carried.


2.      Mark Estill, Vice President:  Membership Report

a.       We currently have 98 members.  Early Bird renewal ends today.


3.      Kelly Barentine, Treasurer: 

a.       Financial Status – the deposit was $878.00 which included $315.00 in dues.  The current balance is $5697.37.  A check for $600.00 was sent to Donna Golden, Susan Banda’s mother, for the memorial fund to benefit Susan’s son Brandon.  Kelly reminded members of the Silent Auction of Susan’s dive gear, to be held at the Christmas Party on December 10.

b.      Corporation Status – our corporation is now reinstated.  The Registered Agent forms and fee have now been submitted to the State and is pending processing.

c.       Early Bird Membership Renewal – Early Bird renewals end tonight.  Dues payments will not be accepted at the Christmas Party.

d.      Christmas Party – Members were reminded that if he/she signed up to serve on a committee to please make sure he/she attends the party (Kelly has the details and sign-up sheets).  Danny Bouska and his dive buddies will enter the water at 2:00 PM.  Members are asked to bring a donation of toys/shoes/school supplies/etc worth at least $5.00 for Toys For The Children, in lieu of an entry fee to the party.  Members will be given a meal ticket upon entry. The Silent Auction will run until 10:00 PM.  The raffle contains approximately $1900 in process and ticket pre-sales begin tonight.  Once the first raffle ticket is pulled, there will be no more ticket sales.  Pulls will be periodic throughout the evening.  Karaoke will be available.  BYOB, including mixers.  Members are encouraged to bring appetizers, side dishes, desserts, firewood, and boxes to transport the toys.  All entries in the dessert contest must be submitted by 6:45 PM.  Members who wish to participate in the gift exchange should bring a wrapped gift of approximately $25.  Breakdown/clean-up will begin at approximately 11:30 PM.






4.      Tina Caron, Activities Director: 

Event coordinators are encourage to attend the Board Meeting in the month prior to his/her outing.

a.       January 28-29 – San Marcos River Clean Up – Steve Ogden is the coordinator.  A suggestion was made to go to Spring Lake the day after.

b.      February 25-26 – Arctic Dive/Wine & Cheese – possible coordinators are Steve Ogden, Gena Natho, and Elizabeth Neumann.

c.       March 24-25 – Blue Lagoon – Banda dive to place the Memorial

d.      April 13-15 – Tyler State Park


5.      Sherry Hammond, Senior Board Member:

DRIFT Points – Don’t forget to sign in!  And, you must come to the Christmas Party to find out who won in 2011!


6.      Danny Barentine, Junior Board Member:

a.       November 50/50 tickets netted $58 each for the winner and the club.  Also, $6 was collected in non-wear fines.


G.  Old Business – None.


H.  New Business – Restaurant of the Month Club – Connie & Kelly are coordinating this.  Once a month on a Friday night, members will meet at a (different) local restaurant.  On January 6, the restaurant will be Sopranos at Sublett & Cooper in Arlington.  Sopranos is a BYOB restaurant.  Attendance is not mandatory and these outings are not club funded, but they will be fun!


F. 50/50 Last Sales & Drawing


G.  Adjourn – meeting adjourned at 8:59 PM.