Diving Rebels Scuba Club

Monthly Meeting– October 5, 2011


A.  Welcome – Mark Estill opened the meeting with apologies for President Danny Bouska’s absence.  Mark welcomed and thanked everyone for coming and gave a brief summary of the night’s events.


B.  Recognition of Guests – Mark Estill recognized one guest in attendance.


C.  Board Member Reports


1.      Rita Simpson, Secretary:  Reading of the Minutes

a.       Presented by Kelly Barentine in Rita’s absence.  Motion to accept was made by Steve Herman to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Danny Barentine. Motion carried.


2.      Mark Estill, Vice President:  Membership Report

a.       We now have 98 members. 


3.      Kelly Barentine, Treasurer:  Financial Status

a.       Incorporation/Registered Agent Update & Financial Status – The paperwork has been sent to the State of Texas and we are now waiting for their approval.  The bank balance is $6761.00; the September deposit was $3383.00 which included $3100.00 raised at the Chinese Auction.

b.      Bank Account Update – Kelly was able to get Chase Bank to accept us as a non-profit organization and to refund the past fees.

c.       Donations for Susan Banda (see newsletter) – the membership noted several ways to donate to the fund for Susan’s son Brandon (15 years old).  It was agreed that the proceeds from our next SCUBA Bingo also be donated to this fund.

d.      SCUBA Bingo will be presented again at the November meeting.

e.       Susan Banda Memorial – Mark Stonebridge is coordinating the placement of an underwater memorial to Susan at Blue Lagoon.  Discussion was held regarding the memorial.  It will be a dive tank in which notes to Susan’s memory can be placed.  The tank will be anchored somehow so that it cannot be removed from the lake, and sealed so the notes will not be subjected to the water.


4.      Tina Caron, Activities Director (Kelly spoke for Tina): 

a.       October 22-23, Blue Lagoon, Underwater Pumpkin Carving

b.      October 29, Dallas Aquarium – Michelle Estill spoke about the social outing at the Dallas Aquarium, located at the West End in Dallas.  The entry fee is $21.95/pp but if we have at least 15 attending we are considered a group and the fee is reduced to $17.95/pp.  The fee for children is $12.95/pp. 

c.       November 12, Annual Chili Cook-Off – Doug advised that this event has been moved to November 5th and is still going to be held at the Cedar Hill State Park at Joe Pool Lake.  The cut-off for turning in your chili is 4:00 PM.

d.      December 10, Christmas Party – tickets won’t be sold this year.  Instead, we are asking attendees to buy and donate a $5.00 toy or school supplies to Jimmy Atkinson’s charity.

e.       June 2012, Beqa Lagoon, Fiji


5.        Sherry Hammond, Senior Board Member:

   DRIFT Points – Current Standings:

a.       91 – Tina Caron

b.      81 – Kelly Barentine

c.       66 – Steve Ogden

d.      64 – Johnny Griffin

e.       59 – Danny Barentine

6.      Danny Barentine, Junior Board Member:

a.       “Last month we sold some tickets and put money in the bank.  J


D.  Old Business – None reported.


E.  New Business 

1.  2012 Board of Director Nominations

a.       Kelly Barentine nominated Connie Mitchell for Junior Board Member

b.      Michelle Estill nominated Danny Bouska for President

c.       Becky Marak nominated Kelly Barentine for Treasurer

d.      Kelly Barentine nominated Tina Caron for Activities Director

e.       Kelly Barentine nominated Rita Simpson for Secretary

f.       Kevin Campbell nominated Mark Estill for Vice President

g.      Keith Weber moved that the nominations be closed.  Seconded by Etson Barentine, motion carried.

2.  Proposed By-Laws Amendments and Additions

a.       Mark Estill presented the proposed by-laws amendments and additions to the membership.  Keith Weber proposed that we hold the voting on the amendments for two months.  Per our more tenured members, we must hold and speak on the amendments during two consecutive meetings before voting on them.

3.  It was brought up that at the Lake Travis outing we had to pay the dive boat $360.00 for all of those divers who didn’t show up.  Numerous members spoke up about dive outings where members don’t show up, costing those who do extra expense for that outing.  It seemed to be a consensus that there needs to be a change in sign-up sheets and members knowing what they are signing up for.  Amending the budget was unanimously approved for the $360.00 Lake Travis payment.

4.  Scott Playle moved for a budget amendment of $100.00 for the club to donate to the Banda memorial fund.  Steve Ogden seconded the motion, motion carried.


F. 50/50 Last Sales


G.  Adjourn – meeting adjourned.