Diving Rebels Scuba Club

Monthly Meeting– September 7, 2011


A.  Welcome – Danny Bouska opened the meeting at 7:20 PM.  Danny welcomed and thanked everyone for coming.


B.  Recognition of Guests – Mark Estill recognized six guests in attendance.


C.  Board Member Reports


1.      Rita Simpson, Secretary:  Reading of the Minutes

a.       Motion to accept was made by Steve Shipe, seconded by Kelly Barentine. Motion carried.

2.      Mark Estill, Vice President:  Membership Report

a.       We now have 97 members.  Mark discussed the benefits of being a Diving Rebel member, including the discounts at various local dive shops.


3.      Kelly Barentine, Treasurer:  Financial Status

a.       The bank balance is $3831.55.  The August deposit of $1186.00 included $81.00 from the 50/50 and $5.00 in non-wear fines.  A check was cut for the balance due for the Scientific Diver outing.

b.      Scuba Bingo will be presented again at the October meeting.

c.       Kelly reviewed the rules for tonight’s Chinese Auction fundraiser.  The funds from this event help subsidize club outings and other events.  If the club raises at least $2000.00, Danny Bouska will dive at Lake Arlington on the day of the club Christmas Party.

d.      Budget amendments were discussed.  The board proposes to grant $100.00 to fund the upcoming Lake Travis outing.  Keith Weber moved that the membership accept this, Kelly Barentine seconded.  Motion carried.

e.       Kelly reported that in researching other topics, she discovered that the Diving Rebels corporation has not been in existence since 1997.  Steve Hermann is helping to reinstate this.  There will be a $5.00 fee to get our non-profit (501(c)7) status back.  Sherry Strahla moved that we pay the fee and proceed with this, Scott Playle seconded.  Motion carried.

f.       We also need to change our Registered Agent as the Agent on record is deceased.  Kelly Barentine volunteered to be the Agent.  Steve Hermann moved that we name Kelly as the Agent, seconded by Scott Playle.  Motion carried.

g.      The club has been officially known in the past as the Diving Rebels Skin Diving Club.  Kelly suggested that since we are going the all the paperwork previously mentioned any way, that we update the name from Skin to Scuba.  A motion for this can be made at a later date at the appropriate time.  There was some discussion on this topic.  Danny Bouska tabled the proposal pending further research.  Kelly called for a consensus on the name change and Becky Marek proposed that we drop the second “Diving” from the name.  This topic is tabled for the time being.


4.      Tina Caron, Activities Director: 

a.       September 24-25, Lake Travis Windy Point – John Richerson advised that camping out is encouraged.  A boat dive has been organized for both Saturday and Sunday.  More information will be given upon arrival.  A shuttle to the launch area will be provided.  The boat is also available to us for evening dives.  The boat holds 9 divers and the fee is $45.00/per day/per diver.  The club budget of $50.00 for the outing will be used to subsidize the boat fee, reducing the cost per diver pro rata.  There is a park fee but the exact amount is unknown.  Other activities available are zip lines and parasailing for additional fees.

b.      October 22-23, Blue Lagoon, Underwater Pumpkin Carving – Danny Bouska reported that there will be the underwater pumpkin carving contest and probably a campsite decorating contest.  We will be at Lagoon I at sites 6 & 7.  Jim Simpson is doing a meal share for Saturday night dinner, the Barentines will do lunch on Saturday, and Paula Boyette volunteered for breakfast on Sunday.  There is a $16.00/day entry fee to the park which includes camping, and air fills are $8.00.

c.       October 29, Dallas Aquarium – Michelle Estill advised that this is a family outing.  The Aquarium is located at West End in Dallas.  The entry fee is $21.95/pp but if we have at least 15 attending we are considered a group and the fee is reduced to $17.95/pp.  The fee for children is $12.95/pp.  Please sign up at the next meeting and prepay so that an accurate head count is available for the discount and we get the best rate available.  Refunds will be given accordingly.

d.      November 12, Annual Chili Cook-Off – this will be held at the Cedar Hill State Park at Joe Pool Lake.

e.       December 10, Christmas Party – to be held at the club house at Lake Arlington.

f.       June 2012, Beqa Lagoon, Fiji – Danny Bouska advised there are four slots available at the original price (airfare has increased).  Please see Danny for information.

g.      September 3-5 (Labor Day Weekend), South Padre – Connie Mitchell reported that 30 attended this outing, and she gave a brief report of the weekend.


5.        Sherry Hammond, Senior Board Member:

a.       DRIFT Points – Make sure you sign in at all meetings and events!  Sherry gave a brief overview of the program for the benefit of our new members.  Tina Caron is our current frontrunner.

b.      Merchandise – if you haven’t yet picked up your orders, please see Sherry.


6.      Danny Barentine, Junior Board Member:

a.       ???  (I don’t remember what Danny said, don’t have any notes in this section)


D.  Old Business

1.  The Search & Rescue event this weekend has been postponed.  Information will be given as we receive it.

2.  FYI, nominations for officers will be held at our October meeting, with elections in November.  There are also some potential by-laws revisions that will be presented in October.


E.  New Business 

1.  None reported.


F. 50/50 Last Sales


G.  Chinese Auction

            1.  Auctioneer was Danny Bouska with Mark Estill and Steve Ogden as ring men.

            2.  The auction ended with a record amount raised of $3100.00.


H. 50/50 Drawing

            1.  The first winner was Kevin Schuck who chose the cash of $64.00

            2.  The alternate winner was Kevin Campbell.


I.  Adjourn – meeting adjourned at 9:55 PM