Diving Rebels Scuba Club

Monthly Meeting– August 3, 2011


A.  Welcome – Danny Bouska opened the meeting at 7:22 PM.  Danny welcomed and thanked everyone for coming.


B.  Recognition of Guests – Mark Estill recognized five guests in attendance, and one new member.


C.  Presentation – John Richerson presented a slide show from his and Gena Natho’s visit to the Philippines in April 2011.


D.  Guest – Judy Kay from We B Diving, a PADI 5 Star shop in North Richland Hills, spoke about her shop.  They offer specialty certifications, DAN courses, gear sales, and have a dive operation in Cozumel.


E.  Board Member Reports


1.      Rita Simpson, Secretary:  Reading of the Minutes

a.       Motion to accept was made by John Richerson, seconded by Steve Ogden. Motion carried.

2.      Kelly Barentine, Treasurer:  Financial Status

a.       The bank balance is $6101.60.  The July deposit of $2389.00 included $63.00 from the 50/50, $4.50 in non-wear fines, $40.00 from merchandise sales, and $140.00 in new member dues/initiation fees.

b.      Our annual Chinese Auction fundraiser will be at the next membership meeting on September 7, 2011.  The funds from this event help subsidize club outings and other events.  The Board has placed a $10.00 minimum value on items to be donated.  Items should be wrapped, bagged, or boxed so it is not apparent what the item is.  A brief description of how the auction works was given.  If the club raises at least $2000.00, Danny Bouska will dive at Lake Arlington on the day of the club Christmas Party.


3.      Mark Estill, Vice President:  Membership Report

a.       We now have 91 members.  Mark discussed the benefits of being a Diving Rebel member.


4.      Tina Caron, Activities Director: 

a.       Tina forgot the sign-up sheet for the Flower Gardens trip (for DRIFT points and club records) so will email the form to those who went.

b.      August 6-7, Scientific Diver Course – Aquarina Springs (Danny Bouska) – Eleven members are signed up for this.

c.       August 20-21, Blue Lagoon – Kelly advised that we have two campsites reserved (at no fee) for Friday & Saturday nights.  Diving activities will include an underwater navigation contest for buddy teams.  There will be a meal share, coordinators are needed.  There is a $20 entry fee to the park.  A list of hotels will be published in the newsletter.

d.      September 3-5 (Labor Day Weekend), South Padre –If you are going on this trip and have not yet signed your waiver, Connie still has them or please arrive early to complete your paperwork.

e.       September 24-25, Lake Travis Windy Point – boat diving is being organized.

f.       October 22-23, Blue Lagoon, Underwater Pumpkin Carving – Danny Barentine advised there is nothing new to report.

g.      June 7-16 and June 7-23, 2012, Beqa Lagoon, Fiji (Danny Bouska) – There is 15 signed up for this trip, with 9 staying for the second week.  There are two spots left for the first week, at the original price (airfare has increased).

h.      February 25-26, 2012, Arctic Dive & Wine and Cheese – There is no conflict for these dates so we are going back to the tradition of the last weekend in February.  Mark your calendar, and reserve your cabins early if you are not going to camp.

i.        Dallas Aquarium – Michelle Estill advised there was a request for a social outing.  She will coordinate.


5.        Sherry Hammond, Senior Board Member:

a.       DRIFT Points – Make sure you sign in at all meetings and events!

b.      Merchandise – the orders from the Fashion Fireworks are in, please see Sherry to pick up your merchandise.


6.      Junior Board Member, Marcus Greenberg (acting):

a.       50/50 and Rebel Wear fines

b.      Last Call 50/50 Sales – A total of $162.00 was collected, $81 for the winner.


D.  Old Business

1.  Whirlyball – Jim Magnuson reported that the date is still pending coordination with the    Scubadillos.


E.  New Business 

1.  Johnny Griffin advised that he and a small group of divers recently went to Lake Wheeler in Glen Rose for diving.  The lake is 85 feet deep, and there is a thermocline at 30 feet.


F. 50/50 Last Sales and Drawing


H.  Adjourn – meeting adjourned at 8:39 PM