Diving Rebels Scuba Club

Monthly Meeting– May 7, 2014


  1. Welcome – Danny Barentine opened the meeting at 7:20 PM with a welcome to guests and members.  Approximately 32 people were in attendance.
  1. Recognition of Guests – Danny Barentine recognized one guest in attendance:  Michelle Johnson
  1. Newsletter Questions – Kevin Schuck asked 5 questions with answers contained within the May Newsletter.  A 50/50 raffle ticket was awarded to the first person with the correct answer to each question.
  1. Newsletter Secret Phrase:  Danny Barentine won with his entry of “Never give advice unless asked” which is an old German proverb.
  1. Board Member Reports
    1. Sandra Playle, Secretary:  Reading of the Minutes – Kelly Barentine moved that the minutes be accepted as presented, seconded by Connie Mitchell.  Motion carried.
    2. Danny Barentine, Vice President:
  1. i.     Membership Report - Danny Barentine reported that we currently have 85 members, with Jim House being our newest member to join.
    1. Kevin Schuck, Treasurer:
  1. i.     Financial Status – Kevin made a deposit of $4,897.28, which includes $70 in dues, $55 in 50/50 sales, $3 in non-wear fines, $20 in merchandise sales, $4,596 in deposits for the Utila trip which were collected and paid out, $128.28 in Tyler outing meal share, $10 for the swap meet, and $15 reimbursement for the service fee.  The new balance is $5,223.00.
  1. ii.     Kevin also reported that he has switched over the bank account to a different type so that it will not incur a service charge as long as our daily balance does not drop below $1,500.
  1. Barrett Christie from the Dallas Children’s Aquarium did a fabulous presentation on the Great Pacific Octopus.
  1. Mark Stonebridge did a last call for 50/50 raffle tickets.
  1. Board Member Reports (continued)
    1. Social Committee
  1. i.     Kelly Barentine reported that 22 people attended the April restaurant of the Month at Los Jimadores.
  1. ii.     Kelly indicated that the May Restaurant of the Month will be at Chef Point on May 16 at 7:00 p.m.  This is a five-star restaurant in a gas station, and reservations are required.
  1. iii.     Tina Caron reported that the next social outing will be on Saturday, June 7 at the Martin House Brewery in Ft. Worth from 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.  There is a $10 entrance fee.  Restaurant of the month will be afterward at Primos off Hulen in Ft. Worth.
    1. Activities:
  1. i.     April 11-13 – Tyler State Park – Kelly Barentine said that 18 people showed up, and that the meal share came to $11.50 per person for the weekend.  The water was cold at 58 degrees.  Jim and Linda Magnuson won the prize for the most items.  Travis and Sharon both won prizes for the most unique items.
  1. ii.     May 23-26 (Memorial Day) – Balmorhea State Park – Steve Ogden currently has 5 people signed up, and would like to have at least 8-10 members going.  The group will be attending the McDonald Observatory on Saturday night for star gazing.
  1. iii.     June 1 – NTSRA – This will be held at Clear Springs Scuba Park.  The club will have a booth, and will be providing drinks to sell.  Volunteers are needed to man the booth, and a sign-up sheet is in the back.  This event includes an underwater scavenger hunt.
  1. iv.     June 21 – Mid-Year Outing – This will also be held at Clear Springs Scuba Park.
  1. v.     July 19-20 – Guadalupe River Tubing – Butch and Kay Mikes will be coordinating this outing.
  1. vi.     August 30-Sept 1 (Labor Day) – Mammoth Lake and Gulf Oil Rig Dive – Scott Playle indicated that he needs a non-refundable deposit of $150/person in order to reserve the boat for the Sunday dive.
  1. vii.     October 4-11 – Curacao - $300 refundable deposit will reserve your spot if received by August 28.  There is a $50 discount if you pay in full by that date.
    1. Becky Marak, Senior Board Member
  1. i.     Becky announced that she sold $20 in merchandise last month.
  1. ii.     Becky called attention to the items on display for the Fashion Frenzy.  A 50% deposit is required for all orders.  Becky also indicated she has club t-shirts for new members.
    1. Mark Stonebridge, Junior Board Member:  Mark indicated he had collected $55 last month for our 50/50 Raffle, along with $3 in Rebel non-wear fines.
  1. Old Business:  none
  1. New Business:  none
  1. 50/50 Drawing:

Linda Magnuson won the first drawing elected to take the cash of $42.50

Kelly Barentine won the second drawing for the $15 gift certificate to Humperdinks.

  1. Danny Barentine adjourned the meeting at 8:46 p.m.