Diving Rebels Scuba Club

Monthly Meeting– March 5, 2014


  1. Welcome – Danny Bouska opened the meeting at 7:24 PM with a welcome to guests and members.  Approximately 32 people were in attendance.
  1. Recognition of Guests – Danny Barentine recognized two guests in attendance:  Cheryl Christianson and Jeff Nelson.
  1. Newsletter Questions – Kevin Schuck asked 5 questions with answers contained within the February Newsletter.  A 50/50 raffle ticket was awarded to the first person with the correct answer to each question.
  1. Newsletter Secret Phrase:  Kevin Campbell won with his entry of “Life is one long process of getting tired.” by Samuel Butler.
  1. Three games of scuba bingo were played.  Travis Wells won the first game for a $15 prize.  Madison Greenberg won the second game for a $25 prize.  Madison Greenberg and Danny Barentine won the third game and split the $40 prize.
  1. Board Member Reports
    1. Sandra Playle, Secretary (absent):  Reading of the Minutes – Kelly Barentine moved that the minutes be accepted as presented, seconded by Connie Mitchell.  Motion carried.
    2. Danny Barentine, Vice President:

                                                    i.     Membership Report - Danny Barentine reported that we currently have 79 members.

                                                  ii.     Danny indicated that membership and air fill cards are available to members, and asked that members pick them up after the meeting if they have not already done so.

                                                iii.     Danny also reminded everyone to please review/update their profile information that is currently on file with the club.

    1. Kevin Schuck, Treasurer:

                                                    i.     Financial Status – Kevin made a deposit of $2,715.00, which includes $405 in dues, $59 in 50/50 sales, $2 in non-wear fines, $19 in rebel wear, $12 in miscellaneous, $1,275 in Utila Deposits that will be paid out, $350 in Arctic Dive dinner tickets, $182 in Arctic Dive raffle ticket sales, $311 in Arctic Dive Silent Auction, and $100 in refund of the cleaning deposit from the Christmas Party. The new balance is $5,849.49. 

                                                  ii.     The club made $90 tonight on scuba bingo.

    1. Activities:

                                                    i.     February 22-23 – Arctic Dive at Lake Murray.  Steve Ogden indicated that 34-35 people attended this outing, and provided a report of the event.

                                                  ii.     February 22-23 – Texas Dive Show – Danny Bouska indicated that approximately 90 people entered the raffle for the dive bag, which was won by a visitor from Houston.  The club saved approximately $500 by helping to setup/takedown, which allowed us to get a free booth.  Next year, the dive show is expected to be on a Friday/Saturday.

                                                iii.     March 22-23 – Blue Lagoon – Scott Playle provided information on the upcoming outing to Blue Lagoon in Huntsville.

                                                iv.     April 11-13 – Tyler State Park – Kelly Barentine provided information on the upcoming outing to Tyler State Park.  She indicated that there will be five meals on the meal share, and all outing participants are expected to share the cost of all five meals, regardless of how many meals they actually eat.  An outing participant may elect not to participate in any of the meals on the meal share.  The cost of the three campsites will also be divided among those sharing those campsites.  The club membership had a lengthy discussion on the meal share, but ultimately, it is the decision of the outing coordinator as to how this will be handled for that outing.  However, it is important that this information be disseminated prior to the outing.

    1. Kelly Barentine and Tina Caron, Social Committee:

                                                    i.     Kelly provided a report on the February Restaurant of the Month at Istanbul Grill.

                                                  ii.     Kelly provided information on the March Social outing at the UTA Planetarium, followed by dinner at Olenjacks Grill in Arlington.  The outing is on March 8, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

    1. Becky Marak, Senior Board Member – Becky announced that she would be placing an order for more Rebel Wear.  Becky also indicated that the Fashion Frenzy will be coming soon.
    2. Mark Stonebridge, Junior Board Member:  Mark indicated he had collected $59 last month for our 50/50 Raffle, along with $2 in Rebel non-wear fines.  Mark made a last-call for raffle tickets.
  1. Old Business:  none
  1. New Business:
    1. Kelly Barentine asked when the photo contest for 2014 would kick off, and if the photos from last year’s contest were published on the web site yet.  Danny Bouska indicated that there would be a photo contest, but the rules/structure of the event were being revised for 2014.
  1. 50/50 Drawing: 

Ron Hyatt won the first drawing elected to take the cash of $42.50.

Steve Ogden won the second drawing for the $15 gift card to Humperdinks

  1. Danny Bouska adjourned the meeting at 9:28 p.m.