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Diving Rebels Scuba Club

Monthly Meeting– July 3, 2013

  1. Welcome – Danny Bouska opened the meeting at 7:18 PM with a welcome to guests and members.  Approximately 29 people were in attendance.
  1. Newsletter Questions – Kelly Barentine asked 6 questions with answers contained within the July Newsletter.  A 50/50 raffle ticket was awarded to the first person with the correct answer to each question.
  1. Recognition of Guests and New Members – Danny Barentine recognized that there was one guest in attendance named Lisa, and a new member named Keith.
  1. Presentation:  Tina Caron presented a show on diving in Belize.
  1. Newsletter Secret Phrase:  Michele Estill won with her entry of “Do.  Or Do Not.  There is no try.”
  1. Board Member Reports
    1. Sandra Playle, Secretary:  Reading of the Minutes – Mark Estill moved that the minutes be accepted as presented, seconded by Steve Shipe.  Motion carried.
    2. Danny Barentine, Vice President:  Membership Report – Danny reported that we have 86 members in the club.  If members join after this date, the membership is half-price.
    3. Kelly Barentine, Treasurer:

i.     Financial Status – Kelly reported that she made a deposit in June of $1,170.50, which included $310 from the Crawfish Boil in May (of which $130 was profit), $414 in Rebel Wear Sales, $318.50 in dues, $5 in donations, $60.50 in 50/50 raffle ticket sales, and $3.00 in non-wear fines.  Our new balance is $5,655.87.  Kelly also reported that she made the $560.50 donation to the American Red Cross, of which Gary Gressett donated $60.50.

ii.     June Restaurant of the Month – This was held at Smokey’s BBQ in Ft. Worth.  The food was very good, and the Rebels were hosted in a private room.

iii.     July Restaurant of the Month – Kelly indicated that this would be held on Friday 7/12 at 7:00 p.m. at the Blue Mint Thai Restaurant in Mansfield.  The restaurant does not serve alcohol, so you are encouraged to bring your own.  People are encouraged to RSVP to Kelly or Connie.  Kelly asked for recommendations for future restaurants, and Michele Estill suggested La Isla.

    1. Activities:

i.     June 22-23 – Mid-Year outing at Clear Springs Scuba Park – Danny reported that 36 people had RSVP’d, and 33 people showed up.  Approximately 50% of the people dove.  The meal was catered by Soulman’s BBQ, and members brought desserts.  The raffle was held with lots of prizes, and Richard Mann won the fins at the Member’s Only Raffle.  A Blu-Ray player was won by Kyle Henson in the General Raffle.

ii.     July 26-28 – Tubing on the Guadalupe River – 17 people have signed up, and the cost will be between $31-$40 per person per night.  There is room for 3 more people in the cabins, so you are encouraged to sign up and pay your $20 deposit to Michele Estill.  Steve Ogden reported that Spring Lake would allow up to 12 divers on this weekend.  If you have your Scientific Diver certification and would like to dive, please let Steve know.

iii.     August 9-11 – Lake Greeson, Murfreesboro, AR – People need to sign up by July 27, and a deposit of $50/person will be required.  The cost will be $125 on the high side, depending on how many people sign up.  A party barge is available for diving, and camping is also available for those that don’t want to stay in the cabins.  A meal share will be done for lunch and dinner on Saturday.

iv.     August 31 – September 2 – Outing to Garner State Park near Uvalde, TX.  Please refer to the article in the newsletter for details.

v.     September 18-28 – Curacao/Bonaire – Danny Bouska indicated that there is still time to sign up, but he will need full payment by the July 5.

vi.     October 19-20 – Blue Lagoon for Underwater Pumpkin Carving

vii.     November 9 – Chili Cook-off

viii.     December 7 – Christmas Party

    1. Becky Marak, Junior Board Member:  Becky indicated she had collected $60.50 last month for our 50/50 Raffle, along with $3.00 in Rebel non-wear fines.  Becky made a last call for raffle tickets.
    2. Connie Mitchell, Senior Board Member (absent):  A new locking, covered bulletin board has been installed at Humperdinks to house items from the Historian.
  1. Old Business: None discussed.
  1. New Business:
    1. Danny Bouska discussed the new photo contest that will be held 7/3 through 11/10.  There is an underwater contest, and a land-based contest, with various categories in both.  The rules were published at the membership meeting, and will also be on the website.  Dallas Underwater Photography will be the judge for the contest, and this is open to members of the Diving Rebels only.  Three photos may be entered by a member per category, and prizes are TBD.
    2. Danny Bouska indicated that an EFR (Emergency First Responder) class would be held in August, probably on the first weekend.  The cost will be $79.
    3. Tina Caron indicated that she has completed her photography instructor certification and is willing to provide her instruction to people who are interested.
    4. James Taylor indicated that Johnny Griffin is still very sick, and asked members to please keep him in their thoughts.
  1. 50/50 Drawing:

The winner of the first drawing elected to take the cash of $50.

Mark Estill won the second drawing for the Humperdinks gift card.

  1. Danny Bouska adjourned the meeting at 8:30 p.m.