Diving Rebels Scuba Club

Monthly Meeting– October 3, 2012


A.  Welcome –Danny Bouska opened the meeting at 7:18 PM with a welcome to guests and members.


B.  Recognition of Guests – Mark Estill recognized there were three guests in attendance.


C.  Board Member Reports


1.      Rita Simpson, Secretary:   Reading of the Minutes

a.       Kelly Barentine moved that the minutes be accepted as printed, seconded by Scott Playle.  Motion carried.


2.      Mark Estill, Vice President: 

a.       Membership Report – Mark reported that we now have 89 members. 


3.      Kelly Barentine, Treasurer: 

a.       Financial Status – Kelly reported that there was not a September deposit as she was on vacation.  Our balance is $5158.21.

b.      Restaurant of the Month – The October outing is on the 12th, ant Boo Ray’s in Fort Worth at 7:00 PM.  Please RSVP to Kelly or Connie.


4.      Tina Caron, Activities Director: 

a.       Oct 27-28 – Blue Lagoon – Underwater Pumpkin Carving – Danny Bouska is the coordinator.  Camping is available and there are local hotels only six miles from the Lagoon.  Meal share coordinators are needed.  The Sign-up sheet is on the back table.

b.      Nov 10 – Joe Pool Lake – Annual Chili Cook Off – Doug Shepard is the coordinator.

c.       Dec 8 – Lake Arlington – Christmas Party – the room is booked, so mark your calendar!


5.      Danny Barentine, Senior Board Member: 

a.       DRIFT Points – Please refer to the recent newsletter for the 1st – 5th placings.  The window stickers are in and are for sale.  


6.      Connie Mitchell, Junior Board Member:

a.       We collected $40.00 in 50/50 sales and $3.00 in fines at the September meeting.

b.      The PK trip was amazing even though the diving wasn’t.


D.  Old Business:

1.      Donation to Jimmy Atkinson Library – Kelly reported that she processed the club donation of $500 via the club debit card.  If anyone would like to make a personal donation, he/she should do so via the link on the Toys For The Children website.

2.      Danny Bouska advised that the window decal for the front window at Humperdink’s is in, and will be placed as soon as possible.


E.  New Business:

1.      2013 Board Nominations

a.       President – Danny Bouska, nominated by Kelly Barentine, seconded by Sherry Strahla

b.      Vice Pres – Danny Barentine, nominated by Kelly Barentine, seconded by Jim Simpson

c.       Treasurer – Kelly Barentine, nominated by Connie Griffin, seconded by Sandra Playle

d.      Secretary – Sandra Playle, nominated by Rita Simpson, seconded by Danny Barentine

e.       Sr Board Member – Connie Mitchell (by attrition, no election needed per by-laws)

f.       Jr Board Member – James Taylor, nominated by Tina Caron, seconded by ____

Becky Marak, nominated by Johnny Griffin, seconded by Kevin ____

g.       Activities Director – Tina Caron, nominated by Sherry Strahla, seconded by Kelly Barentine

2.      Elections will be held at the November Business Meeting


F.  Chinese Auction and Last Call 50/50


G. 50/50 Drawing


H.  Adjourned at 9:12 PM