Diving Rebels Scuba Club

Monthly Meeting– June 6, 2012


A.  Welcome –Mark Estill opened the meeting at 7:15pm with greeting to guests and members.


B.  Recognition of Guests – Mark Estill recognized there was one guest in attendance.


C.  Activity:  Scuba Bingo – three games were played.


D.  Board Member Reports


1.      Rita Simpson, Secretary:   Reading of the Minutes

a.       Kelly Barentine moved that the minutes be accepted as printed, seconded by John Richerson.  Motion carried.


2.      Mark Estill, Vice President: 

a.       Membership Report – Mark reported that we currently have 84 members.


3.      Kelly Barentine, Treasurer: 

a.       Financial Status – Kelly reported that the May deposit was $885.00 which included incomes of $260.00 from the Swap Meet, $25.00 in dues, $530.00 from the Crawfish Boil and $21.50 from its Silent Auction, and 50/50 and non-wear fines.  Our balance is now $6312.67.

b.      May RofM – Istanbul Grill was a lot of fun and had fantastic food.

c.       June RofM – will be at Piman Asian Bistro at 4835 N. O’Connor Road in Irving.  Call/text/email Kelly to RSVP.


4.      Tina Caron, Activities Director:  (absent)

a.       June 30-31 – Mid Year – Kelly advised that the event will be at Clear Springs State Park.  Entry fees are discounted to $15.00 for divers and $10.00 for non-divers.  Three campsites are reserved and cost $5.00/night.  Lunch on Saturday is provided by the Board and will be hamburgers, hotdogs, side dishes, and dessert.  The Board will also provide water.  Members who sign up by June 24 will automatically be entered for a drawing.

b.      July 14-15 – Guadalupe tubing at Jellystone Park – Michelle Estill reported that there is an opening for two couples in the cabins we have reserved.  Please pay Michelle as soon as possible for your cabin reservation. 

c.       August 18-19 – Lake Greeson, Arkansas – Rita advised that a $50/pp deposit is required and due by August 3.  Please sign up as soon as you can. 

d.      August 31-September 3 – Flower Gardens – please contact Tina if you are interested in this outing.


5.      Danny Barentine, Senior Board Member:  Drift Points

a.       Danny advised that there is currently a tie for both first and second places.  In first place are Kelly Barentine and Danny Barentine.  In second place are Tina Caron, Steve Ogden, and Connie Mitchell.





6.      Connie Mitchell, Junior Board Member:

a.       At the May meeting, we collected $33.00 in 50/50 sales $3.50 in fines. 

b.      Connie reported as an FYI that Athens Scuba Park has some new rules.  Please check their website for details on that, as well as for discounts on training classes that they are conducting.

c.       Please let Connie know if you have anything to add to our history board on the wall.


E.  Old Business – none.


F.  New Business – Clear Springs Scuba Park had clearer than normal water last weekend.


G. 50/50 Last Sales & Drawing


H.  Adjourned at 8:44 PM