The 15th Polar Bear Dive at CSSP will be held on January 1st. This year, the Polar Bear Dive is an official Rebels outing and we want it to be bigger and better than ever. There is a contest for the best Polar Bear Design and the winner will receive a 2016 season pass to CSSP.

The dive entry fee will be $30.00 and that covers everything for divers, observers fee is $5.00. Sign up will start at 10:00 AM Breakfast will be served compliments of Grapevine Scuba. The Bears will start entering the water at 11:00. All diving will end at 12:00PM promptly and awards will be handed out.


2016 Award Categories
BestPolar Bear Design
The winner receives a 2016 Season pass!
Our member, Travis Wells, won this award last year!

Best Represented Dive Shop
Awarded to the Dive Shop with the most Divers in the water.
The winner receives one year banner space on CSSP!

Best Represented Dive Club
Awarded to the Dive Club with the most Divers in the water.
The winner receives one year banner space on CSSP!
The Diving Rebels Scuba Club has won this contest for the last 4 years! Let's make it 5 years in a row!

Beary Long Diving Award
Awarded to the diver that logs the longest single dive.

Beary Long Driving Award
Awarded to the diver that travels the longest distance to dive.

Beary Bravest Award
Awarded to the diver who logs the longest dive with just scuba, swimsuit and hood.

Beary Youngest Bear
Awarded to the youngest diver

Beary Oldest Bear
Awarded to the oldest diver

Beary Wimpy Award
Awarded to the divers who logs the shortest dive.

Contact Jeffrey Bennett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to let him know you're coming!