Lake Murray Fun Dive August 16-17, 2014

Howdy All!  Come join us for a weekend of fun diving and friendship at Marietta Landing at Lake Murray on August 16-17, 2014.  This will be a no-pressure fun diving weekend.  This will be a wonderful chance to get out, meet new and old friends, have a few laughs, get wet and just have a good time.  We can explore a variety of the dive sites along the shoreline, from the wrecks to the Crab Pot to deep hole, go looking for ‘treasures’ (ok find whatever trash you would like to clean out of the lake), obliterate some Zebra Mussels (the Bass love them when crushed – just watch out – they are sharp!), or just play with the fishies!  Treasures scavenged in the past have included long lost anchors, ancient fishing implements, empty amphora with inscriptions such as ‘Pearl’, ‘ Pabst’, and the elusive ‘Schlitz Malt Liquor’, and even computational devices!  Give us any excuse to get away from the hassles of city life.

Sandra and Scott are planning to arriving on Friday night at the Marietta Landing camp area.  They will try and get a couple of camping slots for the group.  We will be staying through until Sunday.  We are planning on having Meal Share for Lunch and Dinner on Saturday – Sharon Harris will be supplying lunch, Sandra and Scott will do dinner.  For those staying Saturday night, we will do a group breakfast, but it won’t be considered a Meal Share – so bring something to donate to the cooking if you are staying.

We are looking forward to a fun relaxing weekend – so come join us!