Diving Rebels Scuba Olympics I March 23, 2013 Have you ever aspired to stand on the gold medal platform at the Olympics? Well, now is your chance! If you are still shivering from the cold water at Lake Murray, come join your fellow Rebel divers in a HEATED indoor pool for some fun-filled scuba competitions. Place: Kirby Creek Natatorium, 3201 Corn Valley Road, Grand Prairie, TX 75052 Date: Saturday, March 23 Time: 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Would suggest that you arrive at 6:00 p.m. to begin putting your gear together. We may not enter the water until 6:30, but the competitions will begin as soon as possible after that time. Bring: Your scuba and snorkel gear, personal beverages (no alcohol), and finger-foods to share! Cost: $5 – Tickets on sale at the March Member Meeting Certainly bragging rights are on the line, but we will also have some great prizes for our overall 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Points will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each event, so you are encouraged to enter as many events as you dare! 10 points are awarded for each 1st place finish, 7 points for 2nd place, and 5 points for 3rd place. Sign-up sheets for the events will be available at the March member meeting. You can always enter at the last minute, but signing up ahead of time helps us with scheduling our time at the pool more effectively. If you don’t want to compete, but want to help judge the events, we need your help too! Please sign up to be a judge at the March meeting. Please note that you may still need to be on scuba to judge these events. Since this will be happening over the dinner hour, the club will be providing a snack table with sandwiches, chips and cookies. Tickets for the meal are $5, and can be purchased at the March member meeting. Please purchase your tickets early so that we can ensure we have enough food for everyone! We would also encourage members to bring your favorite finger foods to share, along with the beverages of your choice. Please note that this is school property, so alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are not permitted! Scuba Olympic Events 1. Lift Bag Balloon Blow Out – Buddy teams are issued a mesh bag that is tied to a 5 lb. lead weight, and 10 balloons. Buddy teams must successfully lift their mesh bag using balloons that they have inflated underwater to the surface. This is a timed event. 2. Hula-Hoop Scuba Slalom – Individual divers will begin at one end of the pool, and scuba through a slalom course of hula-hoops to reach the other end of the pool. This is a timed event, and 5 seconds are deducted for each touch (including gear) of the hula-hoop. 3. Bail Out! – Individual divers will place all of their gear (including mask, weights, tank, etc.) into the deep end of the pool. The diver must descend and put on all gear correctly, and then do a proper ascent to the surface. This is a timed event. Divers will be disqualified if they do not complete the exercise. 4. Buddy Gear Swap – Buddy teams swim from the shallow end to the deep end, and switch all gear except wetsuits, and then return to the shallow end. This is a timed event. 5. Underwater Communication – One buddy from each buddy team is at the shallow end of the pool, and the other buddy is underwater at the deep end. A phrase is given to all of the shallow team members. They must swim underwater to their buddy at the deep end and ‘communicate’ the phrase, without writing on a tablet, to their buddy. When the buddy team chooses, they can return together to the shallow end. The deep-end buddy must repeat the phrase without help from their buddy. This will be a timed event, and 5 seconds will be deducted for each word in the phrase that is incorrect. 6. Hover – Individual divers go underwater in the deep end and sit still. Each diver has 10 seconds to get buoyant. Must hover above the pool bottom, and not ascend to the surface without moving their arms or their legs. If a judge determines that a diver has moved their arms/legs, then they are immediately finished at that time and must surface. 10 points are awarded for each diver that can complete 5 minutes. 7 points are awarded for 3 minutes. 4 points are awarded for 1 minute. 7. Buddy Check! - A scuba rig is assembled incorrectly on the pool deck. This is a timed event for individual divers to determine everything that is wrong with the rig, and submit their answers in writing. 1 minute is added for each incorrect answer submitted. NOTE: The Decisions and Rulings of our Esteemed Judges are Final!!