Our Board's composition is a strong, balanced blend of skills & experience, 
and offers guidance in core areas important to the Diving Rebels Scuba Club.


Elizabeth Neumann - Senior Board Memberphoto soon

Elizabeth's scuba story starts out with her finding her  adventitious 10 year-old son at the bottom of our pool weighted down with rocks and sucking on a garden hose attached to an air compressor.  She quickly realized, to prevent a lung being blown out and spending weeks in the hospital, that she would need to get this kid SCUBA certified.  At that time, SSI would accept 10 year-olds with a parent to become a certified diver.  Elizabeth  arranged for us both to start diving lessons even though she was not interested in diving.   Once they completed the training and had their first open water dive at Athens she was hooked.  Elizabeth quickly started to take every scuba class available and subsequence started to work on her dive master certification. Participating in SCUBA activities has allowed Elizabeth the opportunities to meet wonderful individuals, travel to beautiful destinations and escape into a magical, tranquil world where she find peace.


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