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May 13 Danny and Jill Bouska

May 13 John Richerson and Gena Natho-Richerson

May 16 Darrell and Mary Lou Barabash




May 6 Doug Shepard

May 08 Connie Griffin

May 14 Steve Ogden

May 15 Jeffrey Bennett

May 20 Mark Stonebridge


Board of Directors Meeting

May 16th 2018

Ted E's Kitchen

2208 Central Dr. Bedford, TX 76021

What are people saying about the Diving Rebels?

"We had a nice time at the meeting Wednesday night! I have never been at a scuba meeting that large before. Thanks for the warm and friendly reception everyone." Darrel

"Just got back from diving at San Marcos, what great fun...Man I love my Diving Rebels!" Greg

"Very welcoming!" Nikki       

"Great folks, glad to be a part of them."  Hendrick

“Because fun is contagious and you too can be infected! You will not find a crazier and entertaining group of people. We are just plain FUN. ”  Kelly

"Family" Connie      

"Great People" Bill

“ Awesome people! Thank you for the hospitality! ”  Sarah

“ Great club glad I joined ” Alan

“ It's a great group of friendly people, willing to help you bring up your skill level. ” Gail

“ If you are looking for a dive group that is down to business with a friendly atmosphere whether you’re a beginner or experienced diver and your young or an old timer then this group would be for you. ” Gerald

“If you want to make some new dive buddies then this is the group for you. The are very friendly and have a good number of activities going on.” Brittany