Address:              500 N. Murchison St.
                               Athens TX 75751

Phone Number:  903-675-5762

Web Address:

Entry Fees:
Diver         $15.00 (must have C-card)
Non Diver     5.00 (watcher, swimmer, snorkeler)
Camping      5.00
Night Diving 5.00

Electricity  $20.00
Air Fills           5.00

Max Depth:          26-30ft/8-9m
Average Viz:        21-25ft/6-8m

Winter:                 50-55°F 
Spring:                66-70°F
Summer:            71-75°F 
Fall:                     66-70°F

Entry Type:         Shore
Aquatic Life:       None
Bottom Composition: Sand

Site Description:   
Located in Athens, TX and was previously a clay quarry. Underwater, they have a C-140 airplane, a small airplane, DART bus, old motorcycles, numerous boats, a golf cart, a Volkswagen Beetle, and several other items underwater. The lake level varies between 24 and 35 feet deep, has amazing 70` visibility due to being spring fed and having a high pH level (no algae growth), and has warmer water temps in the winter than most places. A full service dive shop (rentals, tank fills, etc.) is on the premises. They also offer instruction and training. Lake is closed to boats, jet skis, fishing, and any other sport that can cause harm to SCUBA divers using the park. Don`t forget your c-card


Emergency Medical Services:   911
DAN Hotline:  919-684-9111


Phone Number: 

Web Address:    

Diver        $15.00 (must have C-card)
Non Diver     5.00 (watcher, swimmer, snorkeler)
Camping      5.00
Night Diving 5.00

Electricity  $20.00
Air Fills           5.00

Max Depth:         
Average Viz:       


Entry Type:        
Aquatic Life:      
Bottom Composition:

Site Description: 


Emergency Medical Services:  
DAN Hotline:  919-684-9111

Windy Point @ Lake Travis 
LCRA @ Lake Travis
Canyon Lake 
Lake Whitney 
Lake Amistad 

Lake Murray 
Broken Bow

Lake Ouchita 

Clear Spings Scuba Park
Athens Scuba Park
The Blue Lagoon
Mammoth Lake
Millsap Quarry (private)

Aquarena Springs
San Soloman Springs
San Marcos River
Comal River

Gulf Diving


Texas Flower Gardens
Texas Clipper
Iron Reefs
Valhalla Missile Silo


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